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Redesign Your Life Today!

We Offer a Coaching Call To Get You Started

Think of this as a pep talk where you can discuss your goals, passions and obstacles with me. This is an opportunity to answer any questions that have been plaguing you for sometime. I strive to keep my feedback honest, direct and supportive so be brave and clear up any hangups you may have early on. Now it’s about creating the environment necessary to be creative with your solutions to pursing a life worth living. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • What you need to prepare for your Journey

    Taking the plunge is a calculated endeavour that you must work your way up to. Similar to preparing for a marathon, we’ll discuss some strategies to make your journey realistic so you can cross the finish line.

  • How to get mentally Unstuck

    Fear is a frame of mind that has real limiting implications on what we think we can and cannot do. I’ll share how I gradually became more hopeful and confident in my capabilities to make things happen.

  • What’s your G.R.O.W formula

    What are your goals? Where are you right now in relation to accomplishing these goals? What obstacles stand in your way? What’s a realistic way forward for you to achieve these goals?

  • How to remove Self Doubt from the Picture

    You no longer need to struggle with the crazy “what ifs”, I’ll try my best to get you unstuck from my own experience of going off on my own.

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How it Works

We’ve developed a quick step by step process to understand you better and provide you with resources that empower you to pursue your passions. We hope you enjoy the process as much as we do.

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Structured open ending questions that help you put your passions and reality into context

Coaching Call

30 minute exploratory call to answer your questions and encourage you to get started

Action Plan

90 day action plan to create your road map to living the life you want

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Our Ladyboss Lifestyle

Keep Moving

Keeping the the heart healthy means we need to keep ourselves active throughout the day. A lazy mind leads to a lazy body and vice versa. Let’s preserve our physical selves while we preserve our minds.

Pay Gratitude

Staying humble is easy to do when we recognize that we have a lot to be thankful for. Start the day with three things that you’re thankful for and recognize that things can always be much worse. Embrace the day with gratitude and positivity.

Still The Mind

Letting the dust settle allows us to see the path more clearly. Challenges are always present and the answers can be hard to see. Give yourself quiet time to let the answers come to you and build mental strength through patience and undisturbed silence.

Plan Our Actions

Setting time each week to map out your actions across all dimensions of your life is critical for success. Time for family, exercise, work, friends, creative projects, hobbies and rest. Take control of your week before it takes control of you.

Build and Create

Allowing your skills to be used to breathe new life into projects provides an avenue for learning, collaboration and instant gratitude through creating. Think of this like watering a seed and watching it grow, there is beauty in creation and everyone can be a creator.

Contribute To Change

Contributing time, thoughts, ideas all move the needle forward in making our world a more compassionate place. We each have talent that can be shared to radically improve broken systems so sharing our knowledge to those without helps empower them to create change themselves.

Redesign Your Life Today!

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