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We Create Our World


We use our skills for a for a purpose greater than ourselves by shifting our focus from success to service.
We know that creating the type of world we want to live in starts with us. Without exception, everything in our lives takes on more meaning. We accept that we can be vulnerable, we share our flaws and we create our greatness through service. We understand business can be a force for good, and good business is good service.

“Everyone has the power for greatness – not for fame – greatness is determined by service.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Values

A Ladyboss is a peaceful warrior


Flexible Mindset


Live It

Open Heart

Squash The Ego


Nurture Your Rock


Take Measured Breaths


Explore Your Passions


Make Positive Impact


Align Your Worthy Goals

Self Belief

Reframe Your Beliefs

Peggy's Social Enterprise

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JUCCCE’s China Dream initiative draws people to live more sustainably by visualising a compelling picture of how we can all build a liveable China that we are proud of. Her team does this by reimagining prosperity and retelling the story of sustainably to transform desire. To make this happen, JUCCCE provides high level government leadership training aimed at teaching mayors and central government officials new ways to build sustainable and eco-liveable cities. Peggy believes that by speaking to people’s hearts and humanising sustainability, we can all engage and create new sustainability champions.

Explore JUCCCE, Peggy’s social enterprise, focused on sustainability. 

Peggy Liu


Peggy is a true ladyboss! She is a mother of two and leads a very active life advocating for women’s rights, social equality, clean energy and economic prosperity for rural communities. Establishing work life balance to accomplish her missions is critical.

In 2007 Peggy founded JUCCCE, a social enterprise accelerating the greening of China. She spent the past ten years helping China tackle its environmental challenges to create a healthy and liveable China.

We will interview Peggy on how she did it and her recommendations on leading a more meaningful life and ladybossing! Look out for our podcast interview with Peggy coming soon.

Peggy’s Projects
Peggy’s Bio

An-Nung Chen


In 2014 An-Nung cofounded IMPCT while doing an MBA at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. An’s career spans operations and marketing in the retail industry for luxury brands such as Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton and Tourneau. She is certainly no stranger to the glamour and demands of corporate life or what it means to be a ladyboss!

In 2013, An-Nung found meaning in social impact projects after having discovered the Hult Prize Challenge – a social impact business competition. Despite the allure of the luxury brand industry, An decided to switch careers and pursue the social entrepreneurship track full-time as a cofounder at IMPCT.

Stay tuned for our interview with An-Nung where we learn how to start a social enterprise from scratch, overcome the fear of making a career change and manage social pressures as a single woman in her 30s.

An's Social Enterprise

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 IMPCT is a global social enterprise dedicated to helping urban slum communities build and run high quality and affordable early education franchises – called “Playcares”. This is made possible by its farm to future business model. IMPCT partners with low-income and aboriginal farmers to produce limited edition premium coffees through which 100% of the profits go towards supporting early education projects in urban slums.

IMPCT’s mission of empowering farmers and building education through collaborative products has indeed made an impact in multiple countries.  IMPCT currently works with farmers in Taiwan, El Salvador, and Guatemala; playcare franchises are currently operating in El Salvador, Guatemala and South Africa.

Explore IMPCT, An-Nung’s social enterprise, focused on empowering farmers and building education in urban slums. 

Debra's Social Enterprise

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UNIFY PROJECT  is a social enterprise geared towards unifying communities by creating financially sustainable hubs that offer: instructional healthcare basics; water & sanitization standarization, nutritious food awareness; agriculture & agricultural waste management; non-verbal communication; and renewable energy usage. Debra’s relationships with both private, public and civic organizations provides a multi-faceted approach to how she sees The Unify Project coming to life.

If you’re interested in getting involved with The Unify Project email Debra at unifyourprojects@gmail.com.

Explore the developmental phases of Unify Project , Debra’s social enterprise, focused on creating financially sustainable global hubs. 

Debra Bernard


In 2016 Debra founded The Unify Project while completing her MBA in Shanghai, China. She’s no stranger to starting businesses from scratch having founded her own digital ad agency, DBSTYLZ in 2007. Debra is a Marketing and Strategic Director by profession and, before moving to China, led Web/Digital teams at SPANX. Debra’s experience spills beyond the corporate world to her home country, Liberia, where she developed mobile platforms for three countries touching 4.5million voters during the 2015 presidential election in Liberia.

Debra’s story is one of courage – during her teenage years she fled Liberia to escape the civil war in search of safety and a better life. She exemplifies what it means to be a Ladyboss: dedicated, stamina, selfless serving and grace! She’s always been a social entrepreneur at heart (before she knew the term existed) and embraces business as a force for good.

Debra is currently based in Atlanta where she works to build her network of change agents spanning industry, policy and civic organizations to begin piloting in Liberia. When she’s not doing this, she runs her own digital ad agency, DBSTYLZ. Such a badass!

We’ll have Deb on our podcast interview soon where we learn about her struggles having fled three civil wars in Liberia and what it took to build her own success. Keep an eye on this Ladyboss!

Debra’s Projects
Debra’s Bio

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