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How I went from overworked corporate life to creating joy and meaning by building my own impact driven business.



My Story


Quitting Corporate Life

Redefining What Success Meant To Me

At 28 I found myself feeling rich but empty because I was missing meaning to my work. I was doing well professionally, had attractive benefits, a buoyant social life and a loving circle of friends. I loved the company and my colleagues but I felt as if I was still not doing the things that made me whole. I envisioned myself at 40 setting my own schedule, doing work on the ground in a part of the world that I had not been before, learning a new culture and contributing to the lives of communities that are often neglected. I saw myself happy and thriving. Success took on a new meaning when I focused on the things that really touched my soul. Still single and not yet a mother, the time to recreate my life was now. I poured all my money into an MBA in Shanghai to push myself out of my comfort zone, challenge myself with a new culture and explore this new definition of success. To the world I seemed courageous, on the inside I was terrified. In order to find what gave me meaning I needed to redefine what success meant to me.

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Sharing My Roadmap

Serving Is Success

Jumping off the corporate ladder to discover your passions is crazy without an action plan. I also know what it feels like to feel hopeless and lack meaning in what you do. I want to share my experience of building a life of social entrepreneurship with you so you make the best choices having seen my blunders and wins along the way. I founded My Startup Nomad to provide a safe space for women, who want to create more meaning to their lives, to get inspired by projects of other women. If you want to test the waters of social enterprise before jumping in then this is the right place for you. I hope you discover the Ladyboss in you, redefine your vision of success and pursue that which drives you! I hope our stories inspire other women to unleash the Ladyboss in them! My gift to you is for you to use my life as a case study of what to do and what not to do – and hopefully we share a few laughs along the way. I hope to give you an objective roadmap of how to prepare yourself for jumping off the corporate ladder to pursue your dreams!

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